David Lynch’s family film The Straight Story comes to Disney+ in April

The acclaimed director's child-friendly movie will be available to stream next month


Parents who are self-isolating with young children and looking for films that can please both kids and adults alike, are in luck: Disney+ has new David Lynch film landing.


The streaming service has revealed that The Straight Story – originally released in 1999, helmed by the award-winning director – will be available to watch from April 3rd.

It is one of Lynch’s rare family-friendly films (the director is best-known for darker offerings, like neo-noir mystery Blue Velvet).

It dramatises the real-life story of an elderly WWII veteran, who embarks on an epic journey across Iowa and Wisconsin on his lawnmower, to meet with his frail and estranged brother.

It stars Richard Farnsworth (Anne of Green Gables) in the lead as Alvin Straight, a performance which earned him an Academy Award nomination.

Broadcasters and streaming platforms have been extending their offerings for kids and adults as the coronavirus pandemic continues.


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