Crazy Rich Asians, the opulent movie adapted from the novel by Kevin Kwan, was a critical and commercial hit in 2018 – but according to one of the film's stars, we could be in for quite a wait for a sequel.


“As far as I know they're starting to write scripts for the second film and the third film,” Chan, who played Astrid in the Singapore-set movie, told “Obviously there are three books in the trilogy.

“But I've heard that we won't shoot until 2020 at the earliest. And we'll shoot films two and three back-to-back.”

In other words, fans of the first movie will have a long wait for more material, before getting a LOT all at once in a couple of years (movies – they’re like buses!) – but if the sequels, based on Kwan’s follow-up novels China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems, are anything as fun as the original we’re sure they’ll be worth it.

In the meantime, British actor Chan continues to chalk up Hollywood movies, starring alongside Oscar-winning actor Brie Larson in new superhero movie Captain Marvel – and apparently, her experience on Crazy Rich Asians is already helping her bond with the Marvel Universe’s new MVP.

“We started off the tour in Singapore, obviously I was there for Crazy Rich Asians,” Chan explained. “So I took her out to some of the street food hawker markets.

“It's been really nice seeing each other again on this tour,” she added.

“We all, not only the women but the guys as well, we all get on really well. I really loved everyone that I worked with on this film.

“I love the fact that this central character that we have in Captain Marvel is amazing, she's strong, she's vulnerable, she's funny,” Chan continued.

“Carol’s definitely not perfect. And she just happens to be a woman.

“And I think it's so great – obviously I'm really excited about young girls and young women seeing this film and being inspired by it, but I think it's just as important for young boys and young men to watch it and hopefully be engaged by this protagonist who again, happens to be a woman but it's not a big deal.”


Captain Marvel is released in UK cinemas on the 8th March