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What is Christmas Break-In about and who's in the cast?

Everything you need to know about this school-based seasonal film...

Published: Wednesday, 20th November 2019 at 6:11 pm

School's out for winter! If you have children or are just a big kid yourself, Christmas Break-In, one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix in 2019, might just be for you...


What’s Christmas Break-In about?

Christmas Break-In follows energetic nine-year-old Izzy, who is stranded at school on the last day before Christmas break after a blizzard hits her town. However, this is the last of her problems - after three intruders break in and hold the school's caretaker hostage, it is up to Izzy to save the day.

Think Home Alone at school, in an adventure filled with plenty of slapstick, charm and snow-related mishaps.

How can I watch Christmas Break-In?

The film is available to watch now on Netflix.

Who is in the cast for Christmas Break-In?

Christmas Break-In boasts legendary actor Danny Glover as the school's unfortunate caretaker, as well as Denise Richards as Izzy's mother Heather. Cameron Seeley is the film's young lead and is joined by Katrina Begin, Sean O'Bryan and Douglas Spain.


Is there a trailer for Christmas Break-In?

Yes there is, enjoy...


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