Christmas 2013: gift ideas for superhero fans

Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Henry Cavill's Batman, Chris Hemsworth's Thor... get inspired by the superheroes this Christmas

Do you have a wannabe Loki in the family, a Thor fan or a super… man who deserves a treat? (See what we did there?) Well, there are plenty of superhero-themed gifts out there just waiting to dazzle under the Christmas tree…


You are the Batman

Ever wondered what Batman wears while he’s relaxing in front of the telly after a hard day’s crime-fighting? Wonder no more…

Price: £34.99 Buy here

Marvel at this

What’s better than a board game at Christmas? Well, Marvel-themed Monopoly of course. Instead of buying property, buy up collector’s editions of top Marvel comics.

Price: from £26.20 Buy here

Join team Loki

Show your team colours with this cheeky Loki t-shirt, inspired by Tom Hiddleston’s Thor character. Warning: Ricky Martin song likely to get stuck in your head on wearing.

Price: £9.50 Buy here

Brew a hero

Whether you’re keeping your true identity under wraps or brushing up your superhero skills there’s a mug that’s right for you. Delicately handmade in a choice of two sizes the set is great for the big and little superhero in your life. 

Price: From £14.50 Buy here

Hammer time

If you’re going to be opening bottles, open them with superhero style.

Price: £19.45 Buy here

Drink up, up and away…

Hate your early morning commute? Blast through it with this Superman travel mug, just dying to get you where you need to go just that little bit quicker* (*it obviously can’t do this, public transport is its own beast, but darn it, it wants to).

Price: £5.48 Buy here:

Spice up your life

Give dinner times an action makeover with this condiment gun. Putting ketchup on your burger will never be the same again.

Price: £15.99 Buy here

Hanging around

Who better to guard your keys than Spiderman? He’ll never Lego of them (sorry). Just don’t blame him when you still can’t find them at the bottom of your bag at the end of the night…

Price: £2.99 Buy here

Ask a superhero

Not sure what to do after all that internet browsing? Let this iPad cover guide you.

Price: £17 Buy here

All wrapped up

Feel like Wonder Woman every day with this cosy bathrobe, perfect for when you’ve got to tackle that early morning rush… or lazy afternoon snooze.

Price: £29.75 Buy here