The most adorable thing you’ll see today: Chris Evans reuniting with his dog

The Avengers actor had his face thoroughly licked when he arrived home

Chris Evans

Chris Evans may have a huge fan base, but his number one fan is definitely Dodger the dog.


Captain America finally returned home to his canine pal, who he adopted in April. The two had endured a separation of 10 weeks – which is a painfully long 16 months in dog years.

Dodger was pretty pleased to see him.

There was a lot of wiggling around and a lot of face licking (from Dodger, we should say). And there was some laughter and spluttering (that’s from Evans himself).

It’s a moment the two have been looking forward to for a long time…


Evans has spent the last couple of months counting down to the big reunion by posting photos of his cute pup on Twitter.