Bruce Willis just confirmed whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not…

A festive film or just one set at Christmas? John McClane has given his verdict

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Here’s a nice topical story for you: Bruce Willis has weighed in on the argument on whether action classic Die Hard is a Christmas movie or merely a movie set on Christmas Eve.


During his Comedy Central roast – where the likes of ex-wife Demi Moore poked fun at everything from his acting to baldness – the John McClane actor proclaimed: “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a god damn Bruce Willis movie!”. (via Variety)

And half of the internet considered the debate settled: Die Hard, the film originally released in July 1988, is definitely not a Christmas movie.

But the other half? They weren’t ready to give in, rejecting the claims of the movie’s lead actor…

Will we ever be able to bring the two sides together? Is there a peaceful compromise to this Twitter war?


Maybe there’s hope yet…

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