Bruce Willis returns as Die Hard’s John McClane… to sell batteries

The Die Hard star reprised his legendary role for an action-packed car battery ad.

Advance Auto Parts Die Hard advert

Die Hard’s John McClane is back – not for another sequel, but for an advert selling car batteries.


Bruce Willis reprised the iconic role of New York copper John McClane, over 30 years after the original Die Hard film was released, for an Advance Auto Parts commercial alongside De’voreaux White (John’s limousine driver Argyle) and Clarence Gilyard Jr (villain Theo).

The two-minute ad follows McClane as he walks along a dark, empty street in search of a new battery for his broken-down car, before he spots Hans Gruber’s (Alan Rickman) former tech specialist Theo and is quickly outnumbered by a gang of criminals.

McClane then crashes through the window of an Advance Auto Parts shop, buys a ‘Die Hard’ battery and asks if there’s another way out, at which point the shop assistant points to the vents and McClane says, “C’mon. You’re kidding me?”

After making it out of the shop, McClane is rescued by his former driver Argyle, who gets him to his car and the two drive off as Theo is blown up by a grenade. Argyle then quips the infamous line, “Yippee ki yay–” but is cut off by McClane, who says, “Hey, that’s my line!”

Willis’ daughter Rumer Willis and White teased the advert at the weekend, tweeting a sneak peek clip with the caption: “Die Hard is Back”.

Various fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions, with some suggesting the ad is a hint that another Die Hard film is in the works.

“Just saw the Die Hard battery commercial. Is it really happening? Is he coming back to reprise his role?!?” one user wrote, while another tweeted that they “loved [the advert] so much”.

The 1988 film, directed by John McTiernan, follows detective McClane as he’s forced to tackle a group of terrorists who’ve interrupted his estranged wife’s Christmas party and taken various employees hostage.


The Academy Award-nominated flick produced four sequels, the most recent of which being 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard starring Jai Courtney as McClane’s estranged son Jack.

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