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Brendan Fraser reviews The Mummy reboot: "Not enough Brendan Fraser"

"Nobody knows mummies better than I do. Which is exactly why this film is such a confusing disaster"

Published: Friday, 23rd June 2017 at 2:38 pm

The Mummy reboot has not exactly been inundated with sparkling reviews since it was released earlier this year, and particular aim has been taken at Tom Cruise who replaced the beloved Brendan Fraser in the lead.


So who better than Fraser himself – who played Rick O’Connell in three instalments of The Mummy franchise – to add his very own review to the mix, writing on Funny or Die that in The Mummy Reboot there was simply “not enough Brendan Fraser”.

The actor acknowledges that some people may think he might be “too biased to give this film a fair shake”, but concludes that “they would be wrong”.

He writes: “Nobody knows mummies better than I do. Which is exactly why this film is such a confusing disaster.

“Perhaps the most disappointing plot turn occurs at the end of the film, when the audience finally realizes (SPOILERS AHEAD!) that I do not make an appearance in this film.

“I was shocked as well; as an extra during the London crowd scenes I was sure I made it into frame before security noticed my fake moustache and forcibly removed me from the set.”

He goes on to denounce Russell Crowe’s appearance as Dr Jekyll as “completely unnecessary” and gives the film a rating of just “1 ½ Flesh-Eating Scarabs”.

This is not the first time Fraser has spoken out since The Mummy was released. He previously responded to the poor reviews hilariously on Instagram...

In case anyone’s interested, Fraser says that if there are future monster roles up for grabs then he’d “be willing to play any of them”.


“The Abominable Snowman. Swamp Thing. Bride of Swamp Thing. I’m available.”


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