It’s that time of year again, the nights are getting longer and Christmas is just around the corner – and one way to kickstart the festive period is with the heartwarming romcom Your Christmas or Mine 2.


The sequel sees Sex Education's Asa Butterfield reprise his role as James, whose relationship with girlfriend Hayley (Cora Kirk) is once again tested by another turbulent family Christmas following a series of unfortunate events when his father (Alex Jennings) invites Hayley's family to spend Christmas in a luxury ski resort in the Alps.

It is quite rare that romcoms get sequels, but for both lead actors, it was a no-brainer to reunite and reprise their roles.

“We had so much fun on the first one and formed this nice group," Butterfield explained during an exclusive interview with

"There was such a unique dynamic between these two characters and families, who are different and came together to form this beautiful, familiar and homely feeling. Then being able to come together and do that again, but this time on the ski slopes in Austria, absolutely!"

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The film has all the trademarks of a great Christmas movie and features a vast array of comedic mishaps between the two families – who come from rather different backgrounds.

“It feels very familiar," Butterfield said. "It's very British and has that classic Christmas feeling to it, which everyone loves. If you don't love Christmas then this film isn't for you."

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Kirk also believes that the movie has a wider appeal because of how relatable the characters and circumstances are – especially during lockdown when families couldn't spend time together over Christmas.

"You're looking at two families who come from two different ends of the UK," she said. "In this one specifically, there's the financial struggle that they go through and Christmas isn't about what you can buy someone or the expense of the present, it's about who you're with. We can relate to that, especially with the Christmases we have had where people couldn't be together."

Butterfield and Kirk are joined in the movie by a huge ensemble cast that includes Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, Alex Jennings and Jane Krakowski. And also starring is British screen icon David Bradley – best known for his roles in Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.

David Bradley as Jack in Your Christmas or Mine 2
David Bradley as Jack in Your Christmas or Mine 2. Amazon Studios

"He's brilliantly funny. He always catches me off guard with his little quips and reactions and facial expressions," Butterfield said of the veteran actor. "I ended up doing scenes where I'm not acting, I'm watching David because he's just so funny and great to watch. It's a treat."

The ending of the movie is left wide open for the potential of a third movie and whilst no talks have taken place yet, both actors would be only too happy to reprise their roles one last time.

"We would love the ensemble to come together for a third and final time," said Kirk. "Trilogies are a win in my book, so it would be lovely to get back together."

And Butterfield added: "We've got our fingers crossed, I hope Amazon are watching this... it's on them."

Your Christmas or Mine 2 is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video now.

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