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Will there be a 365 DNI 2? When will it be released on Netflix?

The latest news on a potential follow up to the surprise Polish hit.

365 DNI
Published: Wednesday, 17th June 2020 at 11:51 am

Polish film 365 DNI has been something of a surprise hit on Netflix - becoming the most watched film of the week in numerous countries since it was released and gaining all sorts of attention for its rather raunchy nature, inviting comparisons with 50 Shades of Grey.


Given the huge success of the film, some viewers are asking if a sequel will now be commissioned, especially given the question marks that what happened to Laura at the end of the movie.

Here's everything we know about a possible sequel so far...

Will there be a sequel to 365 DNI?

As yet, there has been no official word on a possible follow up, but a number of factors lead us to believe that a sequel could well be on the cards.

For a start, the film has massively outperformed its expectations, transcending its status as a fairly obscure release to become one of Netflix's best performing films of the year - so purely from a business standpoint a sequel seems like a no brainer, especially with fans already clamouring for another film.

And what's more - there's ready made material for a follow up: the first film is based on a book of the same name by Blanka Lipińska, which is the first in a trilogy of novels.

It would therefore make a lot of sense to adapt the second book, Ten dzień (which translates as This Day) to capitalise on the success of the first film and turn it into a new - and somewhat unexpected - franchise.

It's also worth noting that despite finding success on Netflix, 365 DNI is not actually a Netflix original - it was originally released in Poland in February, so it's unlikely Netflix themselves will be calling the shots regarding a second film.

When is 365 DNI 2 released on Netflix?

Given that it's not even been greenlit yet, it's impossible to say, and with the coronavirus pandemic ensuring continued uncertainty in the film industry we could have to wait a while yet before we get to watch another installment.

It's also likely that, as was the case with the first film, a potential sequel would get a theatrical release first and be added to Netflix at a later date - although this too could change depending on the state of cinemas at the time of release.

Will Laura be in 365 DNI 2?

One of the big questions that fans faced at the end of the first film regarded the fate of Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) - who appeared to have met a sticky end after several hitmen were seen to pursue her.

But good news for fans is that in the book sequel Laura does still appear as the main character - so if a sequel is based on the second novel in Lipińska's trilogy, it seems safe to bet that Laura will remain alive and well.

365 DNI 2 trailer

With no official announcement of a sequel just yet, a trailer remains some way off at this point - so why not treat yourself by revisiting the trailer for the first movie in the meantime? (You can also click here for all the details on the 365 DNI soundtrack so you can listen back to the songs featured in the film...)


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