You're finally facing your Waterloo because today, more tickets have been released for Eurovision 2023 – and this is your last chance to get them.


With an initial ticket release that sold out in just 36 minutes, the odds are stacked against you. But never fear, the team is here, and once you've grabbed your spot you can toast us with a hearty glass of Bucks Fizz.

On Friday (21st April), it was announced that there would be a release of the last remaining tickets for this year's Eurovision Song Contest. There are tickets still available for all nine shows taking place in Liverpool this May, with prices ranging from £30 to £380 on Ticketmaster.

The nine live shows will last from 9th-13th of May and will be held in Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena. As the competition is being held on behalf of Ukraine, the theme for this year’s contest will be United by Music as homage to the 2022 winners. As part of this, one of the hosts will be Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina, who will be joined by Alesha Dixon, Hannah Waddingham and, of course, Graham Norton.

In an interview with The Mirror a BBC source said: “It’s standard for big stage shows to release more tickets as the set and stage nears the end of its installation. There was huge demand when Eurovision tickets first went on sale back in March so this offers another chance for people to get their hands on some if they missed out first time around.”

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So, if you did miss out and are desperate to succeed today, then it's time to rise like a phoenix. You'll have to be quick if you want a spot, so here's everything you need to know about how to get Eurovision tickets including cost, dates and release time.

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What time do Eurovision 2023 tickets go on sale?

Final release tickets for Eurovision 2023 go live at midday on Monday 24th April (1pm Central European Time).

There are a limited number of remaining tickets for all nine shows and as with last time, the tickets are only available to purchase through Ticketmaster. You'll need to have a Ticketmaster UK account to buy them and are encouraged to make one before Monday.

For instructions on how to set up an account as well as other hints on how to get yourself a spot, check out our tips on how to beat the Ticketmaster queue.

The first release saw website crashes and sold-out tickets within an hour, so we don't have to tell you that you'll have to be quick if you want to grab a spot. When you follow the ticket link you will be placed into a waiting room and then a queue. Once you're in, do not refresh as the queue will go down quicker than you think. If you get through, you'll then be able to select your seats.

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How much do Eurovision 2023 tickets cost?

Ticket prices for the re-sale remain the same as last time. For the semi-finals, they start at £30 and go up to £290 depending on where you sit and which show you decide to go for. Remember that the live TV shows will be more expensive! For the grand final, prices range from £80 to £380.

You can only buy tickets for one show at a time. For the three live TV shows, you can get a maximum of four tickets in one order. For the six preview shows, you can buy a maximum of six tickets.

There are also still a few remaining tickets for the VIP suites. Here you get a private suite, a balcony to oversee the proceedings, and a personal suite host to look after you as you enjoy the show. But be warned: this option is unbelievably pricey and there are only suites left available for the Grand Final itself.

A VIP suite at the grand final live show will cost you a cool £45,000. Split between 12, that would be £3,750 each.

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Eurovision 2023: what are the UK dates and venues?

In October 2022, it was announced that Liverpool would host the contest at the M&S Bank Arena, which sits on the docks. The city was named as the "ideal place" thanks to its renowned musical past – we can’t think what they’re referring to! At the time, Martin Österdahl of the European Broadcasting Union said: "The city is synonymous with music and Liverpool Arena exceeds all the requirements needed to stage a global event of this scale."

In the re-sale there are tickets left for all nine shows. So, here are the dates:

  • First semi-final evening preview show – 8th May 2023, 8pm
  • First semi-final afternoon preview show – 9th May 2023, 1:30pm
  • First semi-final live TV show – 9th May 2023, 8pm
  • Second semi-final evening preview show – 10th May 2023, 8pm
  • Second semi-final afternoon preview show – 11th May 2023, 1:30pm
  • Second semi-final live TV show – 11th May 2023, 8pm
  • Grand final evening preview show – 12th May 2023, 8pm
  • Grand final afternoon preview show – 13th May 2023, 1:30pm
  • Grand final live TV show – 13th May 2023, 1:30pm

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Eurovision 2023: what are the different shows I can watch live?

There are nine different shows in total you can attend at Eurovision 2023, with tickets still available for every single one.

The first semi-final, second semi-final and grand final all have three shows each, two of which are preview shows and one of which is televised. Here’s an outline of what each show includes.

The evening preview show (or the jury show) is a full run-through the night before the televised version. It includes all the acts that will perform the following day, and is done so the juries can cast their votes. In the case of the grand final, there will also be a run-through of different results scenarios so the presenters can practise how to react to different situations.

The afternoon preview show (or the family show) is a full run-through that takes place the same day as the live TV version. For the acts and crews, it’s one final rehearsal to iron out all the kinks. It’s also a chance for parents and children to attend without having to stay up too late. Again, the family show will feature a run-through of random results scenarios.

The live TV show does exactly what is says on the tin. It’s the actual version you see on TV, complete with the public vote and results. These tickets will be the hardest to get and probably the most expensive — so think carefully about which show you want to see.

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Eurovision 2023: what are the line-ups for the different shows?

If you're seeing one of the Eurovision semi-finals then you'll of course see only half the acts currently in the contest. The line-ups for the two semi-finals was recently announced and here they are:

Semi-final one (8th-9th May)

  • Croatia
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Malta
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Czech Republic
  • Israel
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Moldova
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

Semi-final two (10th-11th May)

  • Armenia
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Romania
  • Albania
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Georgia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia

The 26 acts that make it through to the final will then perform at the grand final on 12th and 13th May.

Eurovision 2023: who is representing the UK?

Mae Muller, the UK's Eurovision 2023 entry.
Mae Muller, the UK's Eurovision 2023 entry. Getty Images

After last year’s runner-up Sam Ryder won the jury vote and reached number one in the UK charts with his song Spaceman – one of only five UK Eurovision songs to do so – we all knew that finding this year's act was going to be difficult.

However, the solution came from young English singer-songwriter Mae Muller. Known best for the song Better Days, Muller has been in the music industry since 2018 and has produced one studio album, three EPs, and supported Little Mix on tour.

Now, she'll be representing the UK at Eurovision with I Wrote a Song, which has already made it onto the UK Singles Chart's top 40.

More Eurovision events and experiences happening in the UK for 2023

United by Music: Eurovision.
United by Music: Eurovision.

If you can't make it to the actual shows, there are still plenty of ways to be part of the fun by attending a Eurovision-themed event.

For one, Liverpool is hosting a two week cultural festival – EuroFest – in the lead-up to the grand final. Running from 1st-14th May, the city will be taken over by 24 artistic installations, including an outdoor underwater sea disco and a rendition of the English National Opera does Eurovision.

Here are some of the other Eurovision events you can try:

Eurovision 2023 screening at Everyman

35 Everyman cinemas across the country are showing the Eurovision final live on Saturday 13th May. At venues in London, Bristol, Cardiff, York and more, you can experience an evening of chaos complete with cocktails, dancing and singalongs. With your tickets, you'll also be given drinks, a snack pot and a scorecard so you can dish out douze points to whoever you like.

Buy Eurovision at Everyman tickets from Everyman Cinema

Eurovision: Your Decision

From 29th April-13th May, head over to Wonderville in London and watch Eurovision: Your Decision, a musical comedy devoted to the song contest's best and wackiest moments. Performed by four West End artists, the show will run through some of Eurovision's best hits, from Bucks Fizz to Gina G — and it will allow you, the audience, to vote on your favourite act.

Buy tickets for Eurovision: Your Decision for £21.45 at Fever

The Eurovision Bottomless Brunch

Get ready for Eurovision with bingo, drag queens and prosecco. From 9th-13th of May, you can head over to Blundells Supper Club in Liverpool where you'll receive a two-course brunch complete with comedy bingo, live cabarets and ABBA songs from a drag performer, and plenty of Eurovision trivia.

Buy the Eurovision Bottomless Brunch from £16.49 at Eventbrite

Eurovision 2023 screening at Tate Liverpool

Watch a cultural phenomenon in a cultural place. This May, you can see the song contest in style by watching on the big screen at the Tate Liverpool. For £30 per person (£25 for members), you'll sit in the Tate Liverpool’s café with a complimentary drink and access to the street food menu. Alternatively, for £70 per person (£65 for members), you can sit in one of the galleries and be serenaded by the Didsbury String Quartet before the show begins.

Buy Eurovision at Tate Liverpool from £25 at Tate

Eurovision 2023 screening at Aintree Racecourse

For just £10, you can watch Eurovision from the Red Rum Garden of Aintree Racecourse. With scoreboards, flags and a ton of different European food outlets, you can get the true party atmosphere of Eurovision without actually being there.


Buy Eurovision at Aintree Racecourse for £10 at Jockey Club Aintree Racecourses
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