Save Yourselves!

Save Yourselves!

Alex H Fischer (2020)



Our Score
This gloriously silly sci-fi comedy stars Sunita Mani and John Reynolds as a pair of 30-something Brooklyn hipsters in need of a digital detox. They take up a friend's offer to spend a week in his remote cabin upstate, but as soon as they switch off their phones, strange meteors are seen in the sky and things start to get weird. The laughs initially come from the off-grid couple remaining oblivious to the apocalyptic events unfolding around them - before the realisation dawns that the small, furry object in their cabin may not be a pouf after all. The film does unravel spectacularly towards the end, but writer/directors Alex H Fischer and Eleanor Wilson should be applauded for creating an alien-invasion movie with a difference, where fancy special effects take a back seat to a smart script and well-developed central characters. The fact that our heroes are more skilled in making sourdough than in survival only makes their situation all the more hopeless and hilarious.

Cast & Crew

Su Sunita Mani
Jack John Reynolds
Ralph Ben Sinclair
Jack's mom Amy Sedaris
Judy Johanna Day
Blake John Early
Chuck Gary Richardson
Desi Jo Firestone
Director Alex H Fischer
Director Eleanor Wilson
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Language: EnglishColour