Body of Water

Body of Water

Lucy Brydon (2020)



Our Score
More than just another illness-of-the-week film, this sure-handed feature debut from writer/director Lucy Brydon is a discomforting, distinct take on the isolating effects of anorexia. Bucking any tendency to see the condition as an adolescent issue, Siân Brooke stars as Stephanie, a former war photographer whose struggle with eating disorders runs parallel to her conflicts with her teen-rebel daughter (Fabienne Piolini-Castle) and her own less-than-sympathetic mother (Amanda Burton). Brydon navigates these emotional tensions with scrupulous care, drawing steadying performances from a strong cast. In particular, Brooke gives a controlled study of a woman on the verge of self-dissolution, as she lurches from failed reconciliation attempts with her daughter to disturbing "pro-ana" websites. With economical direction and nerve's-edge use of sound, Brydon lends her challenging material vital reserves of empathy and conviction.

Cast & Crew

Stephanie Sian Brooke
Pearl Fabienne Piolini-Castle
Susan Amanda Burton
Shaun Nick Blood
Annette Kazia Pelka
Director Lucy Brydon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Verve PicturesReleased on: 16 Oct 2020