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Vice to produce new late-night series for 4Music

The multiplatform publisher's new "sex, drugs and rock & roll" show will begin airing on the music channel in May logo
Published: Wednesday, 27th March 2013 at 11:03 am

Vice, the multiplatform publisher popular with Rupert Murdoch and Shoredtich-dwelling twentysomethings, is gearing up to produce a six-part “sex, drugs and rock & roll” TV series for 4Music.


Vice World will consist of six 30-minute episodes and begin airing on Channel 4’s music station in mid-May.

It’ll be a mixed bag of news and politics alongside entertainment segments edited together from Vice’s sizeable archive of online video.

C4 hope that the post-watershed series will help attract older viewers to 4Music, which has traditionally been aimed at a young teen market.

Vice also hopes that the new TV deal will help expose its brand to a wider audience.

“It’s not only about commercially exploiting the content we own but finding new audiences to broaden our reach,” said Vice’s publisher Matt Elek. “The deal with 4Music makes sense in lots of different ways.”


Famous for exploring controversial and niche issues, Vice boasts over 1m subscribers on its YouTube channel, where the brand showcases online series like The Vice Guide to North Korea and Music World.


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