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UKIP Calypso by Mike Read and The Independents - Twitter reacts to a new political anthem

Nigel Farage thinks people should get the song to number one - but not everyone is so sure about the former Radio 1 DJ's musical efforts... logo
Published: Monday, 20th October 2014 at 1:45 pm

It's the news we were all expecting to read this morning; former Radio 1 DJ and Saturday Superstore presenter Mike Read has released a reggae-influenced song in support of UKIP.


The track, UKIP Calypso, is performed by Read's band The Independents and is sung by the 67-year-old in what appears to be an attempt at a Jamaican accent.

Lyrics from the song include:

“The leaders committed a cardinal sin,
opened the borders let them all come in,
illegal immigrants in every town,
stand up and be counted Blair and Brown”

Before leading into the rousing chorus:

“Oh yes! When we take charge,
and the new Prime Minister is Farage,
We can trade with the world again,
When Nigel is at Number Ten.”

Heady stuff that has - as you might expect - attracted quite a reaction from the social media community...

First, comes explicit Twitter support of UKIP leader Nigel Farage:

However, other people of the social network weren’t so sure how to react.

Some were confused and worried

Some were pleased with a return to form from Read

Some were concerned with the longer-term effects

Particularly on their pets…

Some questioned the accent

One parody account wondered how the other political parties would react

And one user had high hopes for awards season


You can listen to the full song on YouTube here:


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