Today in Adele: Christmas betting called off, a viral movie mash-up and a possible collaboration with Lionel Richie

Hello, here's today's Adele headlines

Adele rules all culture now, and every day brings at least 17 fresh stories about the singer. Here are today’s favourites.


The Christmas Number One (and Only)

Bookmakers William Hill has closed betting on the Christmas number one album, because it’s clearly, obviously and definitely going to be Adele. “Adele has killed off one of the favourite festive flutters,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly “it is simply not a viable market.”

Hello Hello Hello

The moment Adele released that first trailer for Hello, the Lionel Richie mashups started. Now the singer has confirmed the two are going to work together. Maybe.

“We are going to be doing something together,” he confidently told E! News, before immediately starting to backtrack. “That’s already almost in the works. I can almost say that we are talking, but right now she has a mission.”

They’re ‘almost’ talking about it! That’s good enough for us.

California dreaming


Yes, that is Hello as ‘sung’ by dozens of characters from famous movies. Superb.