The Big Reunion: have 5ive still Got The Feelin’?

"We were the foundation of Simon Cowell's career - his empire was built on our shoulders"

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Back in their nineties heyday, boy band 5ive were known as the bad boys of the pop world. Now they’re back as a four-piece for ITV2’s The Big Reunion alongside Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, Liberty X, 911 and The Honeyz to Slam Dunk (Da Funk) once more minus former member J Brown.


So why was J unwilling to Rock The Party with the rest of the boys? “He said he didn’t want to be famous,” band member Sean Conlon revealed to “It bummed us out – he might come back, he might not come back. We might get a new member, we might not get a new member… We’re open to everything.”

So are remaining band mates Rich, Scott, Abz and Sean ready to be Gettin’ Down with their fans once again? We certainly hope so, although Abz admitted to worrying about how the band will be received this time around.

“People might be like, ‘nah, we’ve got One Direction now’.” Impossible! We reckon When The Lights Go Out, their nineties fans will come out of the woodwork to Keep on Movin’ once more…

Watch the video below to see the boys reveal all about their fiery break-up, what plans they have for new material and why Simon Cowell has them to thank for his career…


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