Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s made a music video…

See, hear and enjoy the socialite's new single 5 seconds

She’s everyone’s favourite socialite, but she can’t be at every party… can she?


Well perhaps not in body, but Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s voice can now grace dinner parties simultaneously up and down the land… because TP-T has got a new record out.  And as it’s Friday, we thought we’d share it with you.

5 Seconds, as it’s called (but sadly isn’t a reference to the song’s duration), sees the I’m a Celebrity It Girl delivering an auto-tuned lament about heartache over some surprisingly dextrous minor-key piano work. As one astute YouTube user observed, “It’s very ‘Gary Barlow’…but better!” And, brilliantly, there’s a music video to go along with it.

The film really is quite a beguiling mix of imagery, too. One minute Tara’s being pampered in a Chelsea boutique, the next she’s trying on hats, and all the while we’re treated to moody (or at least black and white) shots of Tara tinkling the ivories:

If you enjoyed that, you’ll perhaps be interested to know that this isn’t the first bit of musical output from TP-T this year, as she released an album called Music from and Inspired by Infidelity in February.


Back in 2010, Tara said in an interview: “The thing I’m desperate to prove is that I am talented.” With 5 Seconds now in the hands of the public, surely that recognition won’t be long in coming…