Michael Bublé and the stars who’ve hurt themselves on stage

The Canadian crooner recently lost a tooth during a performance - and he's not alone. From Pink to Idina Mezel, see the famous faces who have suffered on-stage injuries

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Crooner Michael Bublé got himself in a bit of a pickle on stage last week, knocking his tooth out during a performance in Sydney, Australia.


The Canadian crooner bashed out the tooth with his microphone during the second song of his set, but carried on for the rest of the show before seeking help.

He wrote on Instagram: “Don’t worry, I’m at the dentist getting fixed up for my final show tonight in #Sydney” adding a snap of himself in the chair.

But Bublé isn’t the first star to hurt himself on stage. Here are some other famous faces who’ve had mishaps in front of fans…

Michael McIntyre

Comedian Michael McIntyre may be well known for skipping around the stage, but last year he injured his leg while mocking England goalkeeper Joe Hart and the team’s exit from Euro 2012. After an over-zealous attempt at re-enacting a shoot-out, McIntyre hobbled off stage only to return after the interval on crutches. The comic told the crowd, “You’re all entitled to your money back, this is not the show you paid for – unless you enjoy casualty waiting rooms.”

Jessie J

Singer Jessie J wore an orthopaedic boot back in 2011 after reportedly falling from a platform in rehearsals and fracturing her foot. At the time the singer tweeted that she didn’t realise she’d done the damage and was “hobbling around with a broken foot” until she had some scans. Memorably, Jessie J performed at Glastonbury with said boot and a large golden throne.

Lady Gaga

The Born This Way singer was accidentally hit on the head as a dancer moved a prop during a 2012 performance in New Zealand. Gaga finished the show but is said to have been diagnosed with concussion after a trip to the doctor’s. She tweeted to her fans, “I feel a bit woozy but a little better every day… Yes, Little Monsters, you can breathe easy: Mama’s on the mend.”


Edward Grimes, one half of singing duo Jedward, badly injures his leg while bouncing around enthusiastically in this clip from T4 on the Beach in 2010. He gallantly tries to carry on, but the pain is evident as he sinks to his knees to continue the track. A spokesperson at the time told the Telegraph, “We think he’s broken his leg and at the very least has badly twisted the ligament in his knee.”


Pink is often rather acrobatic on stage, but she fell into a barricade during a performance in Nuremberg, Germany in 2010. Pink tweeted that she “didn’t get clipped in2 harness correctly”, confirming that nothing was broken, rather she was just “seriously sore”. The singer said she hoped it at least looked good as she apologised to fans for having to cut the show short.

Demi Lovato

Another dental mishap as US singer Demi Lovato fell over on stage and chipped her tooth on her microphone. Afterward she tweeted fans to say, “This singing stuff is dangerous!”

Idina Menzel

Before her part in the worldwide phenomenon that is Frozen, Idina Menzel was performing as Elphaba in the Broadway production of Wicked. During the famous scene in which the witch melts, the elevator in the floor that should have lowered her down had already part descended. A production spokesperson told Broadway.com that Menzel fell and hit her side and was later found to have fractured her rib.


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