Adele dedicates her New York gig 2 Hours of Misery to #Brangelina

The singing superstar is now head-mourner of the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split


Just in case you didn’t hear about the upcoming divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie from every news channel/the endless Jennifer Aniston gifs/that text from your mum asking if ‘Brangelina’ was a new type of pastry (just me?), Adele took time in her latest gig to remind fans about the news.


During the concert at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, the singer told the audience she’d woken up to news about the actors’ divorce and was devastated: “I need to address the elephant in the room… it’s the end of an era.” With that, Adele dedicated her entire show, called 2 Hours of Misery (seriously) to the split.

And Twitter reacted with usual self-restraint…


This story in short: Adele can turn Twitter even weirder.