What time is The Real Marigold on Tour on TV?

Everything you need to know about the group of well-known pensioners on their global retirement quest

Bobby George, Miriam Margolyes, Wayne Sleep, Rosemary Shrager (BBC, TL)

What time is The Real Marigold on Tour on TV?


The new series starts 9pm Monday 4th December, BBC1.

Who are the celebs on the Real Marigold tour?

Actor Miriam Margolyes, darts player Bobby George, chef Rosemary Shrager and dancer Wayne Sleep will be on tour during this series.

What happens in the next episode?

The old pals are off to Chengdu in China, a city with a high concentration of pensioners and therefore the potential to be an excellent place to spend your golden years. But Miriam Margolyes – who is always good value on these OAP travelogues, with her blunt speaking and her flatulence – struggles with the language, the food and the communal living: “It’s too bloody authentic,” is one of her politer comments. Bobby George just hates the tea.

On the plus side, they all conclude that the Chinese people are lovely and very respectful to their elders. And Margolyes has a surprisingly emotional meltdown when she comes face to face with a panda at a country retreat.


The emphasis in these Real Marigold Hotel offshoots has shifted from being a semi-serious exploration of retirement possibilities to offering us an opportunity to laugh at grumpy characters dealing with foreigners. But it’s still fun to watch. Next week, a slightly different permutation of seniors takes off for Cuba.

Review by Jane Rackham