Could aliens be living among us? That’s the question posed by new Netflix documentary series Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified.


Using imagery that attempts to prove that something is really out there, the series explores the idea that aliens have been visiting us for decades – and that the governments of the world know about them and have been covering up their existence. Yes, it seems The X-Files may have been more factual than we thought.

The series, which was first broadcast on Sky History, includes an episode focusing on Project Blue Book, which is a supposed record and analysis of UFO observations, an episode on UFO witnesses who have come forward over the years, and another on the conspiracy theory that the US Army has physical evidence of alien space craft that they are keeping from us.

Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified release date

The series will be available to stream on Netflix from Tuesday 3rd August.

What is Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified about?

According to Netflix, the series features: “The most recent information and proof exposing the most top-secret government projects that handled contact with and cover-ups of, extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Though claims of extraterrestrial encounters have long been dismissed, many believe the existence of UFOs is not just likely, but a certainty.”

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Certainly, the trailer is filled with “footage’ of possible alien activity, as well as unnamed ‘experts’ talking about alien life on earth. The trailer also poses many questions that the series will hopefully answer, including ‘Could we be on the verge of another conflict?’ ‘Do aliens want to help us?’ and, most importantly, ‘Do they want to harvest us?’

Is there a Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer and you can watch it here:


Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified will be available to stream on Netflix from 3rd August. If you’re looking for something else to watch, take a look at the best series on Netflix or the best movies on Netflix. You can also visit our TV Guide and check out our Documentaries hub for all the latest news.