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The earth really is flat: BBC introduces new weather graphics

BBC Weather ditches the tilted globe map as part of a revamp with new services provider

Published: Tuesday, 6th February 2018 at 11:18 am

BBC Weather is introducing a new set of graphics to its TV broadcasts that will feature a flat map projection for the first time in 13 years.


From 1pm on Tuesday 6th February, bulletins will have a new look, replacing the tilted globe map with a flat version and showing high quality moving graphics.

Roads and towns will be made clearer, to help drivers, and presenters will be able to zoom in to the screen as they take viewers through the day ahead. A globe graphic will also be available to display natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights.

The BBC Weather graphics usually look like this, shot at an angle:

BBC Weather (BBC screenshot, EH)

When the tilted maps first came in in 2005, there were complaints that they induced seasickness and made Scotland look smaller.

From this afternoon, the flat map will offer a birds-eye view, like this:

The changes come as the broadcaster works with its new weather services provider MeteoGroup.

Recent updates on the BBC Weather website and app have left users unimpressed in the past few weeks, with many saying that their favourite locations have disappeared and key features are harder to find. Some have even complained that the new website always seems to forecast rain which, unfortunately, is nothing to do with the site's revamp.

Plans to introduce regional accents to weather reports were also announced last week.


Sarah Keith-Lucas will present the first new television weather forecast on the BBC1 lunchtime news today, Tuesday 6th February.


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