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Is Big Narstie the best weather presenter ever? (Yes.)

“Man better know it’s cold outside!”

Published: Tuesday, 16th January 2018 at 2:17 pm

Big Narstie presented the weather forecast live on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday and it was amazing.


While the ITV show’s resident weatherman Alex Beresford took care of the graphics, the rapper proceeded to warn viewers about the narstie climes coming their way.

Piers Morgan particularly enjoyed Big Narstie’s foray into meteorology, and could be heard cracking up in the studio.

“Boom, the streets of England, what I’m trying to say to you yeah, no one T-shirt business,” Big Narstie said.

“It’s cold nuh rass down here. See it all down here? Blitzkrieg. Double up, double up.

“See it over here, extra clothes. Wellies, mudfest. Anybody got pets, no saving them we getting bare mud in your yard. Edinburgh – peak times. Highlands – a bag of snow.”


Wow. Move over Tomasz Schafernaker, we might have a new favourite weather presenter.


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