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Nuisance caller repeatedly phones in to swear on The Wright Stuff

On live TV, things can go from Wright to wrong very quickly

Published: Friday, 12th January 2018 at 3:34 pm

The Wright Stuff keeps getting fooled by a nuisance caller who repeatedly phones in to swear live on air.


On Wednesday, Matthew Wright was taking calls from viewers to debate the issue of parents smacking their children and the plans to ban it in the UK.

A man rang in under the guise of Gary from Bedforshire and began by discussing the issue at hand. However, half-way through he blurted out: “When you were saying about the freedom of speech thing, I still say that Sharon Goodman is a b****!”

It has been speculated on Twitter that Sharon Goodman is the ex-wife of the caller.

Matthew Wright quickly shut the phone call down and apologised, saying: “What we have with Gary, it's not his real name, he is a regular abuser of this phone.

“I can only apologise once again for the language he used and any offence caused. We are doing our very best to ensure this man does not get back on the line, he's cheated us again.”

Wright swiftly moved onto the next caller, who called himself Tom from Buckinghamshire, admitting: “There's a few people I'd like to smack today, including our previous caller, but what do you think of the law that says you can't smack children?”

But lo-and-behold, the Channel 5 show had been duped again – it was the same man using a different alias, and yes, he called Sharon Goodman a “b****” live on air. Again.

Wright was visibly irritated, worrying aloud that if the problem didn’t get sorted, The Wright Stuff could be taken off air.


Oh, the perils of live TV.


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