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Take Me Out viewers heartbroken after magician Phil's date says she left her light on by mistake

The children's entertainer looked devastated when she delivered the harsh truth

Published: Sunday, 14th January 2018 at 12:03 pm

Take Me Out fans were devastated after children's entertainer Phil had his heart trampled upon on national TV by his date Bella, when she admitted that she had left her light on by mistake.


Phil had wowed the girls on last week's show with some impressive magic, but failed to leave a lasting impression, and would have faced a blackout had it not been for Bella. However, she admitted on their date that she had actually intended to turn it off.

"I've got a really horrible confession," she said, visibly uncomfortable with the information she was about to reveal. "I was just so enraptured by your magic, and so I like pressed my light and it was too late".

Phil's face dropped. "So, I would have had a blackout if it wasn't for you not pressing..." he said.

"Yeah, exactly!" she replied, with a little too much gusto. Watch the painful interaction below at your own risk.

Fans were heartbroken for Phil, taking to Twitter to share their views on whether or not Bella should have told him the truth. Even host Paddy McGuinness felt compelled to weigh in on the matter.

Though some praised her for her honesty:

Despite the revelation, he still had the courage to ask her if she would like to see him again, but the answer, sadly, was no.

"I was a little bit gutted, but I think I took it pretty well", he told the cameras afterward.

"I genuinely think it was one of the best first dates," Bella said. "He seemed like a nice guy, but it was with the wrong person."

All in all, Phil seemed pretty happy to have gotten a nice trip to Fernando's out of the whole thing; we don't think the hit will keep him down for too long.


Take Me Out airs Saturdays on ITV.


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