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World Athletics Championships 2019 Day 6 timetable: Events and TV schedule on Wednesday 2nd October brings you the timetable for Day 6 of the World Athletics Championships – including a pick of the day from BBC expert Colin Jackson

Elaine Thompson
Published: Wednesday, 2nd October 2019 at 1:51 pm

Day 6 is a packed one for the World Athletics Championships as the Decathlon and Heptathlon begin.


British Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson is aiming high, while the Decathlon will pit stars from around the world against each other across 10 gruelling events. brings you the full timetable for Day 6 of the World Athletics Championships – plus Colin Jackson's tips on who to look out for.

Colin Jackson's Pick of the Day

Two-time World Athletics Championship gold medalist Colin Jackson brings you his highlights of Day 6 – live on BBC.

"In the Heptathlon, Katarina Johnson-Thompson versus Nafissatou Thiam is worth looking forward to.

"Thiam has been having a phenomenal year even though she started it with injuries, she has bounced back so strongly with both high jump and long jump, looking really strong.

"She knows what she's capable of doing.

"Kat has got to stay as close to her as she possibly can, and if Thiam makes a mistake, she must be in a position to pounce. Let the battle commence.

"Dina Asher-Smith is back in the Women's 200m. For me, she has more chance of winning this title than the 100m, even though she still has to keep Elaine Thompson in mind.

"Dina's been very strong in the 200m, it just depends on how much the 100m takes out of her.

"It's not the actual 100m race, it's the warm-up, the warm-down, the early mornings, preparing herself, that's what can be draining.

"You've also got my event on this day, the 100m Hurdles. I still put Omar McLeod as the favourite.

"There's a lot of talk about the young Yankees, Grant Holloway and Daniel Roberts, but I think Omar will just have it."

Colin Jackson

World Athletics Championships 2019 timetable – Day 6

All UK time

BBC2 (from 1:45pm)

2:35pm – 100m Decathlon (Men)

2:45pm – Shot Put (Women – Qualification)

3:05pm – 100m Hurdles Heptathlon (Women)

3:30pm – Long Jump Decathlon (Men)

3:35pm – 1500m (Women – Heats)

4:00pm – Discus Throw (Women – Qualification Group A)

4:15pm – High Jump Heptathlon (Women)

4:25pm – 5000m (Women – Heats)

4:50pm – Shot Put Decathlon (Men)

5:25pm – Discus Throw (Women – Qualification Group B)

6:05pm – 110m Hurdles (Men – Semi-Final)

6:30pm – Shot Put Heptathlon (Women)

6:35pm – 400m (Men – Semi-Final)

6:40pm – High Jump Decathlon (Men)

7:05pm – 400m Hurdles (Women – Semi-Final)

7:40pm – Hammer Throw (Men – Final)

7:50pm – 200m Heptathlon (Women)

BBC1 (from 8:00pm)

8:35pm – 200m (Women – Final)

9:00pm – 110m Hurdles (Men – Final)

BBC2 (from 9:00pm)


9:15pm – 400m Decathlon (Men)


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