The Winter Olympics 2018 begins with a bang this Saturday 10th February, with everything from snowboarding to ski jumping, speed skating to luge taking place on Day 1.


Check out the must-watch events according to our roster of BBC pundits, and for a full schedule of all the events broadcast live on the BBC and Eurosport see the listings below. Remember, all these broadcast times are subject to change. The Winter Olympics definitely comes with a weather warning...

Day 1 best events

Snowboarding: men's slopestyle

Live on BBC1 and Eurosport 1 from 12.40am (repeated 5pm BBC red button)

Snowboarding commentator Jenny Jones says: "The slopestyle course is full of rails and big jumps, with six or seven features that riders can choose to perform tricks on. Each rider has two attempts, but your final place is decided on your single best run. It only takes one hot run to win. Judges will be looking for a variety of tricks, and will score them based on how technical they are — and how stylish.

"Snowboarders may look relaxed, but they still totally want to win. Remember, it’s not just about landing the run. It’s about doing a run that looks and feels good. That’s where the style comes from: even if you don’t know anything about snowboarding, you can tell when a run is stylish and smooth, because it looks effortless."

More like this

Short track speed skating

Live from 10am BBC1 and Eurosport 2

Elise Christie (Getty, EH)
Team GB's short track speed skater Elise Christie (Getty)

BBC expert Wilf O'Reilly says: "Short track speed skating is a national sport in South Korea. They’ve won more medals than any other country in the world. For them, it’s not just about losing a medal, it’s about losing face. That’s what GB star Elise Christie (above) and the other British women are up against. Christie will race in the 500m, the 1,000m and the 1500m, and she has a good chance of a medal at every distance, starting today with the 500m."

Men's luge

11am and 2.30pm, live on BBC and Eurosport

BBC expert Amy Williams says: "The luge is raced feet-first, with competitors lying on their back. The sled is different from the skeleton sled: it’s a lot lighter, with wider runners on the bottom.

"At the start competitors push off with their hands, using power from their shoulders and arms. From then on it’s all about picking the fastest line around the corners in a race against the clock to the bottom."

Ski jumping: men's normal hill final

Live on Eurosport 1 from 12.45pm (2.15pm BBC1)

Ski Sunday's Graham Bell says: "Conditions are all important in ski jumping. Bizarrely, if you have a headwind that’s seen as an advantage, because a headwind blows up the jump and actually lifts you higher. A tailwind pushes you back down to the ground.

"In ski jump, the lighter you are, the better. On TV they don’t look too thin, but when you see ski jumpers in the flesh they look really gaunt, as if they’ve been starving themselves. Skiers do have their BMI calculated — if it’s dangerously low, they get penalised, and the length of the ski they’re allowed to jump with is reduced."

Winter Olympics Day 1 medal events

Biathlon: Women’s 7.5km Sprint

Cross Country Skiing: Women’s 7.5km Skiathlon

Ski Jumping: Men’s Individual Normal Hill

Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 1500m

Speed Skating: Women’s 3000m

How to watch the Winter Olympics 2018 live on TV

Both the BBC and Eurosport will have live coverage of the Games, but as host city Pyeongchang is nine hours ahead of the UK, some events will take place overnight. See listings for details of replays and highlights. There will also be a round-up show every evening on BBC and BBC4.

If you don't have Eurosport, you can access all of their content online: subscribe to Eurosport Player here, or alternatively head over to Amazon Channels to watch all 18 Eurosport streams. Watch here.

Winter Olympics 2018 Day 1 full TV schedule


12 midnight-6am – live on BBC1

12 midnight LIVE Curling: mixed doubles round-robin — Canada v Switzerland
1.00am LIVE Snowboarding: men’s slopestyle qualification, first/second runs

6am-10am – live on BBC2

7.15 LIVE Cross Country Skiing: women’s 15km skiathlon
8.15 LIVE Women’s Ice Hockey: Japan v Sweden

10am-12pm – live on BBC1

10.00 LIVE Short Track Speed Skating: men’s 1500m heats; women’s 500m heats; men’s 1500m semis; women’s 3,000m relay heats
11.00 Luge: men’s first and second runs

12pm-1.15pm – live on BBC2

12.20 LIVE Short Track Speed Skating — Men’s 1500m finals

1.15pm-4.30pm – live on BBC1

1.30 Luge — men’s first and second runs
2.15 Ski Jumping — men’s normal hill
3.00 Snowboarding: men’s slopestyle qualification, first/second runs
3.45 Cross Country Skiing — women’s 15km skiathlon

7pm BBC2: Today at the Games

Highlights from day one of the Winter Olympics, presented by Clare Balding.

8pm BBC4: Winter Olympics Extra

A round-up of the day’s action.


Eurosport 1 see listings for more details

12.40am LIVE Snowboarding: men’s slopestyle qualifying
2.30 LIVE Alpine Skiing: training sessions for the men’s downhill
4.00 LIVE Snowboarding: men’s slopestyle qualifying
5.30 Figure Skating: men’s short programme
6.15 Figure Skating: pairs short programme
7.00 LIVE Cross Country Skiing: women’s 15km skiathlon
8.20 Curling: mixed doubles round robin, Norway v Finland
9.20 Snowboarding: men’s slopestyle qualifying
9.50 LIVE Luge: men’s first run
11.00 LIVE Biathlon: women’s 7.5km sprint
12.45pm LIVE Ski Jumping: men’s normal hill
2.30 Olympic Extra
Cross Country Skiing: women’s 15km skiathlon
4.00 Short Track Speed Skating: men’s 1500m final
5.00 Biathlon: women’s 7.5km sprint
6.00 Ski Jumping: men’s normal hill
7.00 Olympic Round-up
Biathlon: women’s 7.5km sprint
9.30 Ski Jumping: men’s normal hill
10.30 Olympics Extra
11.00 Olympic Games Round-up