Tim Henman beats Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal in tennis ball challenge

Copa-uppy challenge leaves Murray and Nadal trailing behind Mr Henman

Forget the actual Wimbledon tournament, the real challenge among the tennis stars is taking place backstage in the BBC’s Copa-uppy challenge.


The task is simple – how many times can you kick a tennis ball without it hitting the floor?

Yesterday it looked like no one could beat Andy Murray, who put on an impressive show of 78. The returning Wimbledon champ even beat footy player Alan Shearer as the challenge called on the BBC pundits covering the World Cup in Brazil to take part.

Shearer was on sand to be fair to him. But he still only managed six.

But then Tim Henman came along. He let Rafael Nadal go first. He bagged a score of twenty.

Then Henman took to the stage (OK, commentary box). He’d even put his trainers on for the occasion.

John McEnroe counts Henman along as he casually bounces his way through 20, 30, 40, 50… and all the way up to 92.

“Andy Murray, keep practising,” he says to the camera.


Should we start calling it Henman Hill again..?