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The Swiss team are our new favourites at the Winter Olympics

Never mind training, why not muck about on an escalator instead?

Published: Tuesday, 13th February 2018 at 1:14 pm

Amongst all the training, training and, well, training at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics one team has taken a rather novel approach to their regime.


The Swiss Free Ski team have spent less time on the slopes and more time in shopping centres and car parks mucking about creating new sports. And we thank them for it.

The first video posted to Instagram shows skier Fabian Bösch taking a rather novel approach to using an escalator...

Here's the man himself, posing in front (well, on top of) the Olympic rings in the athletes' village, proving that he isn't exactly wrapping himself in cotton wool ahead of his first event.

While the second shows the Swiss inventing a new sport on a forklift in a car park - a sort of doubles downhill dry slope that looks like way too much fun.

Earlier this year they also came up with another new event: 'flipball'. We'll let the video do the talking...

Oh, and they are actually managing to squeeze in some actual training as well, which looks almost as fun.


The Winter Olympics air on BBC and Eurosport


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