The Queen photobombs a selfie at the Commonwealth Games

The Monarch appears behind Australian hockey players Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris

The Queen is making a bit of a habit of this.


First she photobombs unsuspecting BBC newsreaders Julian Worricker and Sophie Long while visiting New Broadcasting House in June 2013. And now she is at it again at the Commonwealth Games.

As this Tweet shows she provided a more than amusing backdrop to a selfie taken by Australian field hockey player Jayde Taylor when she was visiting the Glasgow National Hockey Centre where the “Hockeyroos” were playing.

Or was it a case of Taylor – who was pictured with team-mate Brooke Peris – trying to get Her Majesty in shot?

We like to think the former, but whatever the truth, there was even better news for the Aussie players when The Queen watched them beat Malaysia 4-0 with her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.


One is most amused.