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Let's Play Darts for Comic Relief: sneak peek of Richard Osman's surprising prowess

The Pointless host dons a dodgy shirt and takes aim in aid of Comic Relief... logo
Published: Saturday, 28th February 2015 at 2:50 pm

Richard Osman is a man of many talents. He's best known as Alexander Armstrong's "Pointless friend" and recently went solo with another quiz show Two Tribes. He's also creative director of one of Britain's biggest independent production companies, Endemol.


Now it turns out he's a mean darts player too – all for a good cause of course.

"I don’t love darts in an ironic way, a nostalgic way or a kitsch way, I love darts as pure human drama and I love it as brilliant television," he writes in this week's Radio Times.

"That’s because darts has the best format of any sport. It’s perfect. Imagine if the sets in tennis were first to three instead of first to six. No more faffing about with the first few games, just straight into the big points, no chance to rest, no chance to regroup, just relentless pressure. Darts has cracked sporting jeopardy in a way that tennis can only dream of."

To prove it, Osman is taking part in Let's Play Darts for Comic Relief. He'll be pitting his arrows against those of seven other celebrities including Lee Mack, Bob Mortimer, Sean Lock and Liza Tarbuck in a six-day knockout competition. Osman was teamed up with the women’s world number one, Deta “the Dark Destroyer” Hedman (above).

Judging from this clip, the Pointless host deserves a new nickname...

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Let's Play Darts for Comic Relief begins on Sunday 1st March on BBC2 at 9pm, and continues Monday 2nd March –Friday 6th March at 10pm.


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