Japanese Olympic gymnast racks up £4,000 phone bill after playing Pokemon Go in Rio

Kohei Uchimura needs to teach a Meowth the Pay Day move


Rio 2016 Olympic gymnastics star Kohei Uchimura has something in common with all of us – he’s dreadfully addicted to Pokemon Go.


The 27-year-old Japanese gymnast, who has previously won an Olympic gold medal and four silver medals, downloaded the game after arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for pre-Rio training. He ended up with more than just Pikachus and Pidgeys – but quite a large phone bill as well.

Uchimura racked up nearly £4,000 in roaming data overages while trying to catch ’em all.

Teammate Kenzo Shirai described Uchimura looking “dead at the team meal that day,” according to Japanese outlet Kyodo News.

But in the end, Uchimura managed to doge the bill, much like Pokemon doge attacks. He called his phone company and explained he thought he had a flat rate international plan, and the charges were dropped.


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