Gold, silver or bronze… How will you medal in the Olympics week one quiz?

How closely have you been watching the sport and the headlines for the first seven days of the London 2012 Games? On your marks, set, go...

The first week of London 2012 is almost at an end and what a week it’s been. There’ve been triumphs and tears, controversies and celebrations, and the best part is we’ve still got over seven days of action to go before the thirtieth Olympiad of the modern era comes to an end.


A lot’s happened since the Opening Ceremony, both in the stadiums and the papers – but how well have you been keeping track of it all? Well, there’s only one way to find out…by playing our bumper week one Olympic quiz!

Have a go at each question and keep a mental tally (or a paper one – the choice is yours) of how many you get right, then check your score at the bottom of the page to see what you’d be awarded on the Radio Times winner’s podium…

1. From which Shakespeare play did the London 2012 opening ceremony get its title, Isles of Wonder?

A) Much Ado About Nothing
B) The Taming of the Shrew
C) Richard III
D) The Tempest

D) The Tempest, in a speech made by the character Caliban, whose words were recited by actor Kenneth Branagh on the night

2. For which country did 480lb Ricardo Blas Jr. compete in judo?

A) Panama
B) Ecuador
C) Guam
D) Thailand

C) Guam, and at a weight of 218kg, Blas Jr. is the heaviest athlete to compete at London 2012

3. What new viewing technology had its first public use in broadcasting the London 2012 Olympics?

A) Hyper Definition
B) Super Hi-Vision
C) Jumbo-Vision
D) Metavision

C) Super Hi-Vision – a new technology that’s been developed by the BBC, Japanese national broadcaster NHK and Olympic Broadcasting Services, which is 16x sharper than HD TV

4. What time did teenage Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen achieve in the women’s 400m individual medley to break a world record?

A) 41.21s
B) 53.62s
C) 58.68s
D) 1m15s

C) 58.68s, which was 17 milliseconds quicker than the time Ryan Lochte achieved in the equivalent men’s race

5. Which section of the Olympic opening ceremony was seen by a peak of 26.89m viewers?

A) Rowan Atkinson playing Chariots of Fire
B) Dizee Rascal’s performance
C) James Bond and the Queen parachuting into the arena
D) The parade of nations

A) Rowan Atkinson playing Chariots of Fire – 82% of people watching TV at 9:50pm were tuned in to see Mr. Bean take part in the orchestral performance

6. Which country’s flag was mistakenly shown on screen before a North Korean women’s footabll match earlier in the week?

A) South Korea
B) Brazil
C) Great Britain
D) Japan

A) South Korea – and this unfortunate bit of human error led to the North Korean team refusing to play in their match

7. From which sport were competitors from China, South Korea and Indonesia disqualified amid accusations of match-fixing?

A) Archery
B) Shooting
C) Badminton
D) Tennis

C) Badminton – the players were dismissed from the Olympics for “not using one’s best efforts to win a match”

8. What colour did Royal Mail paint a post-box in Chorley to honour Bradley Wiggins’ success in the cycling time trials?

A) Black
B) Gold
C) Silver
D) Bronze

B) Gold – and the company also began issuing stamps bearing the cyclist’s likeness shortly after his win too

9. Besides teachers and students, which other group of people has helped fill the Olympic venues’ empty seats?

A) Soliders
B) Policemen
C) Fireman
D) Undertakers

A) Soliders – Troops have had to be drafted in to fill places left vacant by officials and VIPs, leading to a situation that head of the British Olympic Association Lord Moynihan called “unfair” to Team GB

10. Which country is home to the first athlete to test positive for drugs at the Games?

A) Albania
B) China
C) Germany
D) France

A )Albania – weightlifter Hysen Pulaku tested positive for a banned steroid and was expelled before competing in the men’s 77kg division

11. How many countries are taking part in the London 2012 Olympics?

A) 161
B) 185
C) 204
D) 284

C) 204 – just over two hundred nations are taking part, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

12. How many members of staff has US broadcaster NBC fielded for the Olympics?

A) 200
B) 520
C) 1,300
D) 2,800

D) 2,800 – a contingent of nearly 3000 people have come over from the States to cover the Olympics for the American network

13. Which country’s national parade was gatecrashed by a woman in red at the opening ceremony?

A) Belgium
B) France
C) India
D) North Korea

C) India – student Madhura Nagendra later apologised for her “error of judgement” which caused outrage in India

14. Which public figure got stuck in mid-air on a zip wire during the Olympic celebrations?

A) Bruce Forsythe
B) Boris Johnson
C) David Cameron
D) Ed Milliband

B) Boris Johnson – the Mayor of London was left dangling over Victoria Park with two union flags in his hands on Wednesday after an equipment malfunction

15. Which band provided the soundtrack to Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening cermeony?

A) Bently Rhythm Ace
B) The Lo-Fidelity Allstars
C) Underworld
D) The Chemical Brothers

C) Underworld – famous for their song Born Slippy, which Boyle used in Trainspotting, the band said that their brief was to produce a soundtrack which would”frighten people”

16. What was notable about Ukranian women’s rights group Femen’s protest against the IOC on Thursday?

A) The protesters were topless
B) They burned an effigy of Lord Coe
C) The protestors were all over 70
D) The protesters were all male

A) The protesters were topless – and caused quite a scene outside City Hall near Tower Bridge in London

17. Ed Sheeran announced earlier this week that he will perform alongside a legendary British rock group at the Closing Ceremony. Name the band:

A) The Rolling Stones
B) Pink Floyd
C) Jethro Tull
D) Madness

B) Pink Floyd – the singer/songwriter will perform Wish Your Were Here along with surviving members of the band

18. What did Bradley Wiggins call for in the wake of a cyclist’s fatal collision with an Olympic Park bus?

A) Compulsory helmets on cyclists
B) Lower speed limits
C) Dedicated cycle lanes
D) Greater education for motorists

A) Compulsory helmets on cyclists – the gold medal winner wants to see changes to the law to save the lives of cyclists in the future

19. Ruben Limardo became the first Venezuelan athlete to win a gold medal in 44 years earlier in the week – but what event did he win it in?

A) Basketball
B) Fencing
C) Dressage
D) Football

B) Fencing – Limardo madea surprise win in the fencing on Thursday, making him the first competitor from his country to win a gold medal in almost half a century

20. Tagir Khaibulaev, the Russian athlete who won gold in the men’s 100kg judo, celebrated his victory along with which of his countrymen?

A) Vladimir Putin
B) Roman Abramovich
C) Alexander Lebedev
D) Pyotr Ouspensky

A) Vladimir Putin – the Russian premiere joined the judoka in celebration after watching his performance alongside British PM David Cameron



16-20: Gold – If there was a first prize for Olympic news watching, you’d have won it.
Silver – Not bad, not bad – train hard, and next week you could find yourself atop the podium.
Bronze – So-so, but you’ve probably had your eyes trained on the action rather than the headlines, right?
Wooden spoon – Not been keeping up with the Games, eh? Well, never mind, not everyone’s interested in sport. Why not have a pop at our film tagline quiz instead?