The F1 calendar 2021 can't really get much hotter than it is right now, so we might as well take the show to Austin, Texas for the United States Grand Prix.


The Circuit of the Americas will host a pivotal battle as the Formula 1 roadshow departs Europe and embarks on the traditional global tour to end the campaign.

Usually at this point of proceedings, any light challengers for Lewis Hamilton have been swept aside, faint hopes of an upset extinguished, and the inevitable outcome of the season is primed to be sealed. Not in 2021.

Max Verstappen leads the way at this stage of the campaign with a six-point lead over Hamilton, but there's a maximum of 150 points left to be claimed in the remaining six Grands Prix – plus potentially pivotal fastest lap points.

A Hamilton victory with Verstappen in second after recording the fastest this weekend would see the drivers exactly level on 281.5 points with five outings to go. Strap in, this is going to be wild. brings you the complete guide to the United States Grand Prix 2021 including start time, dates and TV details, as well as exclusive analysis from Sky Sports F1 commentator Crofty ahead of every race.

When is the United States Grand Prix?

The United States Grand Prix takes place on Sunday 24th October 2021.

Check out our full F1 2021 calendar for the list of dates and upcoming races.

United States Grand Prix start time

The race begins at 8pm on Sunday 24th October 2021.

We've included the full schedule for the rest of the weekend, including practice and qualifying times below.

United States Grand Prix schedule

Friday 22nd October

From 5pm on Sky Sports F1

Practice 1 – 5:30pm

Practice 2 – 9pm

Saturday 23rd October

From 6:45pm on Sky Sports F1

Practice 3 – 7pm

Qualifying – 10pm

Sunday 24th October

From 6:30pm on Sky Sports F1

Race – 8pm

How to watch United States Grand Prix on TV

The United States Grand Prix will air live on Sky Sports F1.

All races will be shown live on Sky Sports F1 and Main Event throughout the season.

Sky customers can add individual channels for just £18 per month or add the complete sports package to their deal for just £25 per month.

Live stream United States Grand Prix online

Existing Sky Sports customers can live stream the race via the Sky Go app on a variety of devices.

You can watch the Grand Prix with a NOW Day Membership for £9.99 or a Monthly Membership for £33.99, all without signing up to a contract.

NOW can be streamed through a computer or apps found on most smart TVs, phones and consoles. NOW is also available via BT Sport.

United States Grand Prix preview

With Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft

McLaren v Ferrari

DC: What's nice about the McLaren-Ferrari battle is that it's two teams that are on the up. They've had contrasting fortunes in the last few years, but nowhere near what they would have wanted, or what we've come to expect from those teams in the past. What's lovely to see is how Daniel Ricciardo is settling into his new surroundings a lot more. And in Carlos Sainz, he has really hit the ground running with Ferrari all season long. I think Sainz has done a super job and the fact that he actually leads his team, albeit by only half a point, is testament to his ability.

Leclerc knows Ferrari, knows them well, has been a Ferrari driver for many years, but Sainz has come in, and has absolutely nailed what the team wanted him to do. In terms of who will come out on top, it'll be track-dependent, which tracks suit their cars the best. There are obvious flaws with both the Ferrari and the McLaren, but on some circuits they can perform better than others. The beautiful thing is that there's a lot of tracks that we really just don't know about including this one, COTA (Circuit of the Americas).

Boost in US popularity

DC: I've been in the States since Monday. I landed at Houston Airport and the man on border control – no word of a lie – said to me: "What are you doing here?" I said I was here for the Grand Prix. He said: "Oh yeah, Formula 1. Love the Formula 1. What do you do?" I said I'm the commentator for Sky Sports and he was like: "Crofty! I thought that was you. I really thought I recognised you there." It was incredible to be recognised by the man at border control. I did an event with Max and Checo [Perez] and it was obvious that there was an increased awareness and popularity for Formula 1.

Drive to Survive really helped, the fact that we go out on ESPN and we're out on ABC this weekend, our coverage will be taken up by ABC, that's helping to promote the sport to the States. Everyone's very excited about second race next year race in Miami, there's talk of Vegas in 2023 being another race in the States. It's very much a growth sport. And it's lovely to actually come to the States and know that there are lots of fans and new fans all wanting to come to Austin, excited about the race and this season's title fight, enjoying their Formula 1. Once upon a time it wasn't really that popular but you certainly feel it now.

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The track?

DC: I love this track. I think it's a brilliant track, I really do. It's got some sensational corners, it's got straights that are long enough to allow overtaking at the end of it. It's got a final sector that keeps the cars quite close together and promotes overtaking and it has got a lot of bumps. While I'm sure the engineers hate the bumps, the drivers would rather not have the bumps, the bumps can actually cause some pretty decent racing. It's going to be hot this weekend. It's gonna be very hot, and nearing record temperatures for this time of year in Austin. We're looking at 30 degrees ambient on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It's just got everything you need for what should be a really good race.

Mercedes was the dominant car in Turkey, but I'm not convinced they'll be able to do it here in Austin to the same degree in terms of having enough downforce through some of the high speed corners. It should be a bit more of a level playing field between the two cars is obviously a track that Lewis loves because he's won a couple of world titles here, he loves the States and he goes well here, but Max has also driven well here in the past. I don't think it necessarily favours one or the other.


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