70th Anniversary Grand Prix race preview | In The Pit Lane with Crofty

Sky F1's Crofty brings us the latest exclusive Formula 1 race preview ahead of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone

Crofty F1

The 70th Anniversary Grand Prix is upon us, with the second of a Silverstone double-header set to thrill us once again.


Having just about recovered from last week’s last-lap carnage, we caught up with Sky Sports F1 expert David Croft as part of our In The Pit Lane series full of the big talking points ahead of every race this season.

We discuss what to expect from the tyres this time around after three drivers – including leading pair Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas – saw their tyres blowout in the dying stages of the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton blazed around the final 3.8km effectively on three wheels to secure the victory, but the chaos instantly set up the narrative for this week’s showdown.

We also chat about Alex Albon in the Red Bull, and Crofty reveals his favourite corners on the the F1 2020 calendar.

Check out what the Sky Sports F1 man has to say below.

Tyre drama may not be over…

DC: The biggest effect this week is that we have tyres with a softer compound than last week, and we’ve got higher track temperatures and the possibility of rain on Sunday as well in the morning.

The teams have spent the first part of this weekend just evaluating the soft tyre to see if they can make that tyre last for a lap for qualifying, long enough to do a stint in the race. The smart money is a two-stop race.

It’s going to be so difficult to see how anyone could run a one-stop race. Look at last week, it was medium-hard for the majority of the field yet still three people had tyre failures. What you’re asking people to do for a one-stop strategy, is something they couldn’t manage with the tyre compounds they had last week, so they’re not going to be able to do it this week.

It’s a two-stop race. That makes it more interesting for the general public. Silverstone destroys tyres.

Alex Albon’s rollercoaster season so far

DC: If you look at Alex Albon’s stats as a Red Bull driver, this is his 13th race as a Red Bull driver – he’s had 10 top six finishes. I like the way, Alex, if he sees a gap, he goes for it. In hindsight it’s better to show a bit of patience, but he is an aggressive driver who goes for the move.

We want to see that from our drivers so I’m not going to criticise him for going for gaps, although in hindsight a bit of patience would’ve got him a higher position in the end. It’s a real shame that when he has tried something, on three occasions, it’s spectacularly not come off. I don’t want to see Albon change, but I do hope his luck changes.

As soon as he gets on the podium, he gets that pressure of his back, we’ll see a different Alex Albon. He’s racing with a lot of pressure on his shoulders, sometimes it shows.

‘The best corners on the F1 calendar’

DC: I remember a few years back taking my son when he was at primary school. I took him to Silverstone for the young drivers’ test and we stood on the outside of Maggots, and walked to Becketts and then walked to Chapel.

We watched the cars going through there. I said ‘you’re only five years old but this is where you want to see a Formula 1 car, son’. I still revel at the sight of Formula 1 cars going through Maggots and Becketts.

It is just the most amazing change of direction, just the ability for those cars to go through there approaching 192mph then exiting about 165mph at the start of Hangar straight. They are the greatest corners on the Formula 1 calendar, bar none.

How to watch the British Grand Prix

The race starts at 2:10pm on Sunday 7th August live on Sky Sports F1.

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