Christian Horner has praised his star driver Max Verstappen after the Red Bull ace landed his first race win of the F1 2020 calendar during the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone.


The Red Bull team principal was left delighted by the Dutchman's performance as Verstappen overtook Valtteri Bottas and fended off Lewis Hamilton to claim an important victory and move up the F1 driver standings.

Horner was particularly pleased with the controlled manner in which Verstappen achieved the feat of keeping the Mercedes at bay.

He said: "We’ve been stronger on Sundays than we have on Saturdays this year. We felt like we missed out [in the British Grand Prix] obviously.

"But to do it this way, not through fortune but through merit, has more than made up for it.

"A great team performance, a good disciplined performance from Max, very well controlled, and we showed we had really great pace.

"I think Alex [Albon] drove a very strong Grand Prix as well, so a lot of positives to take, a lot of knowledge to understand why our car has performed so well [in the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix] and to make sure we harness more of that for future races."

Horner was speaking about his team's use of new IRIS audio technology to prepare for races and gain a competitive edge over opponents.

Max Verstappen

The new technology promotes 'Active Listening' which dramatically improves audio quality whilst simultaneously activating the brain.

Red Bull are the first team to use audio to activate a flow state, a neurological mind-set of complete focus whilst simultaneously being relaxed and engaged, in theory resulting in a better performance on race day.

To celebrate the tech used by Red Bull, the team has partnered with IRIS to release an innovative pair of branded consumer headphones.

Horner said: “Communication is key in Formula 1, especially in an environment where ambient noise is matched by a vast array of competing signals.

"The sound of Formula 1 cars on track excites the senses and in working with IRIS to develop the limited edition Flow Headphones, we’ve been able to bring together our passion for racing and IRIS’s new audio technology so that our fans can listen to their chosen audio product with the greatest level of clarity."

The Red Bull Racing IRIS Flow Headphones will retail at £379 (with an exclusive launch price of £299) and are the very first headphones to have IRIS technology built in. For details visit


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