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World Cup 2022 qualifiers: Europe fixtures live on TV

Your complete guide to 2022 World Cup qualifiers from Europe live on TV including fixtures, dates and kick-off times.

World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022 qualifiers continue to flow through thick and fast this week as the campaign tips over the halfway point.


England remain dominant in their group as they seek to make it six wins from six when they take on Poland in Group I, but the other home nations aren’t enjoying quite such an easy ride.

Scotland are firmly in the mix for a top-two finish in their group, but they’re locked in a heated battle with Israel and Austria for the second slot after leaders Denmark.

Northern Ireland continue to plug away in Group C but know they must upset the odds versus Switzerland to boost their hopes of progression.

Wales are going along relatively smoothly in their group and Rob Page will demand a convincing victory over Estonia to apply pressure to those around them.

Every game will be shown live across a variety of channels and we’re on hand to bring you all the key dates for your diary and make sure you never miss a moment.

RadioTimes.com brings you the complete World Cup 2022 European qualifying fixtures schedule including every game you can watch live in the UK, and we’ll keep you updated throughout the whole season.

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World Cup 2022 qualifiers live on TV

All UK time. Games without specified channel will be shown on Sky Sports Red Button.


Tuesday 7th September

Group A
Azerbaijan v Portugal (5pm) Sky Sports Football / Main Event
Republic of Ireland v Serbia (7:45pm) Sky Sports Football

Group D
Bosnia-Herzegovina v Kazakhstan (7:45pm)
France v Finland (7:45pm)

Group F
Austria v Scotland (7:45pm) Sky Sports Main Event
Denmark v Israel (7:45pm)
Faroe Islands v Moldova (7:45pm)

Group G
Montenegro v Latvia (7:45pm)
Netherlands v Turkey (7:45pm)
Norway v Gibraltar (7:45pm)

Group H
Croatia v Slovenia (7:45pm)
Russia v Malta (7:45pm)
Slovakia v Cyprus (7:45pm)

Wednesday 8th September

Group B
Greece v Sweden (7:45pm)
Kosovo v Spain (7:45pm)

Group C
Italy v Lithuania (7:45pm)
Northern Ireland v Switzerland (7:45pm) Sky Sports Football

Group E
Belarus v Belgium (7:45pm)
Wales v Estonia (7:45pm) Sky Sports Main Event

Group I
Albania v San Marino (7:45pm)
Hungary v Andorra (7:45pm)
Poland v England (7:45pm) ITV

Group J
Armenia v Liechtenstein (5pm) Sky Sports Football / Main Event
Iceland v Germany (7:45pm) Sky Sports Premier League
North Macedonia v Romania (7:45pm)


Friday 8th October

Group E
Czech Republic v Wales (7:45pm)
Estonia v Belarus (7:45pm)

Group G
Gibraltar v Montenegro (7:45pm)
Latvia v Netherlands (7:45pm)
Turkey v Norway (7:45pm)

Group H
Cyprus v Croatia (7:45pm)
Malta v Slovenia (7:45pm)
Russia v Slovakia (7:45pm)

Group J
Germany v Romania (7:45pm)
Iceland v Armenia (7:45pm)
Liechtenstein v North Macedonia (7:45pm)

Saturday 9th October

Group A
Azerbaijan v Republic of Ireland (5pm)
Luxembourg v Serbia (7:45pm)

Group B
Georgia v Greece (5pm)
Sweden v Kosovo (5pm)

Group C
Lithuania v Bulgaria (2pm)
Switzerland v Northern Ireland (7:45pm)

Group D
Kazakhstan v Bosnia and Herzegovina (2pm)
Finland v Ukraine (5pm)

Group F
Scotland v Israel (5pm)
Faroe Islands v Austria (7:45pm)
Moldova v Denmark (7:45pm)

Group I
Andorra v England (7:45pm) ITV
Hungary v Albania (7:45pm)
Poland v San Marino (7:45pm)


Monday 11th October

Group E
Belarus v Czech Republic (7:45pm)
Estonia v Wales (7:45pm)

Group G
Latvia v Turkey (7:45pm)
Netherlands v Gibraltar (7:45pm)
Norway v Montenegro (7:45pm)

Group H
Croatia v Slovakia (7:45pm)
Cyprus v Malta (7:45pm)
Slovenia v Russia (7:45pm)

Group J
Iceland v Liechtenstein (7:45pm)
North Macedonia v Germany (7:45pm)
Romania v Armenia (7:45pm)

Tuesday 12th October

Group A
Portugal v Luxembourg (7:45pm)
Serbia v Azerbaijan (7:45pm)

Group B
Kosovo v Georgia (7:45pm)
Sweden v Greece (7:45pm)

Group C
Bulgaria v Northern Ireland (7:45pm)
Lithuania v Switzerland (7:45pm)

Group D
Kazakhstan v Finland (3pm)
Ukraine v Bosnia and Herzegovina (7:45pm)

Group F
Denmark v Austria (7:45pm)
Faroe Islands v Scotland (7:45pm)
Israel v Moldova (7:45pm)

Group I
Albania v Poland (7:45pm)
England v Hungary (7:45pm) ITV
San Marino v Andorra (7:45pm)


Thursday 11th November

Group A
Azerbaijan v Luxembourg (5pm)
Republic of Ireland v Portugal (7:45pm)

Group B
Georgia v Sweden (5pm)
Greece v Spain (7:45pm)

Group H
Russia v Cyprus (5pm)
Malta v Croatia (7:45pm)
Slovakia v Slovenia (7:45pm)

Group J
Armenia v North Macedonia (5pm)
Germany v Liechtenstein (7:45pm)
Romania v Iceland (7:45pm)

Friday 12th November

Group C
Italy v Switzerland (7:45pm)
Northern Ireland v Lithuania (7:45pm)

Group F
Austria v Israel (7:45pm)
Denmark v Faroe Islands (7:45pm)
Moldova v Scotland (7:45pm)

Group I
Andorra v Poland (7:45pm)
England v Albania (7:45pm) ITV
Hungary v San Marino (7:45pm)

Saturday 13th November

Group D
Bosnia and Herzegovina v Finland (2pm)
France v Kazakhstan (7:45pm)

Group G
Norway v Latvia (5pm)
Turkey v Gibraltar (5pm)
Montenegro v Netherlands (7:45pm)

Group E
Belgium v Estonia (7:45pm)
Wales v Belarus (7:45pm)


Sunday 14th November

Group A
Luxembourg v Republic of Ireland (7:45pm)
Portugal v Serbia (7:45pm)

Group B
Greece v Kosovo (7:45pm)
Spain v Sweden (7:45pm)

Group H
Croatia v Russia (1pm)
Malta v Slovakia (2pm)
Slovenia v Cyprus (1pm)

Group J
Armenia v Germany (5pm)
Liechtenstein v Romania (5pm)
North Macedonia v Iceland (5pm)

Monday 15th November

Group C
Northern Ireland v Italy (7:45pm)
Switzerland v Bulgaria (7:45pm)

Group F
Austria v Moldova (7:45pm)
Israel v Faroe Islands (7:45pm)
Scotland v Denmark (7:45pm)

Group I
Albania v Andorra (7:45pm)
Poland v Hungary (7:45pm)
San Marino v England (7:45pm) ITV

Tuesday 16th November

Group D
Bosnia and Herzegovina v Ukraine (7:45pm)
Finland v France (7:45pm)

Group E
Czech Republic v Estonia (7:45pm)
Wales v Belgium (7:45pm)

Group G
Gibraltar v Latvia (7:45pm)
Montenegro v Turkey (7:45pm)
Netherlands v Norway (7:45pm)


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