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The World Cup starts today and *almost* everyone is hyped for it

A month of pure football awaits

Published: Thursday, 14th June 2018 at 10:02 am

It's here. It's finally here. The day *most* of us have been waiting for all year has arrived, as World Cup 2018 begins in Russia. The buzz is palpable on social media, as sports fans gear up for a month of pure football.


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The action kicks off in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium today as hosts Russia take on Saudi Arabia, following what is likely to be an impressive opening ceremony, capped by a performance from none other than... Robbie Williams.

You can watch the ceremony live from 2.30pm on ITV, followed by the match at 4pm.

Twitter is already alight with excitement, both from the lucky ones arriving in Russia, and those at home who are preparing to tune in.

These Saudi Arabian fans made quite the entrance as they landed in the Russian capital:

Meanwhile, viewers ready to cheer on back home were ready...

Even Good Morning Britain got in on the act – kind of.

However, not everyone is overjoyed at the prospect of a month of summer spent indoors in front of the telly...

Haters will hate, players will play, etc...


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