ITV’s World Cup 2018 studio is seriously bonkers – but viewers are loving it

"Was the ITV studio designed by Donald Trump?"


ITV has got an early tackle in when it comes to the battle of the World Cup 2018 broadcasters, unveiling its super fancy Moscow studio ahead of the Opening Ceremony and first match of the tournament.


The studio base overlooks St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, but the iconic backdrop isn’t the thing that’s been grabbing everyone’s attention.

What World Cup matches are on TV today?

With virtual ‘double height windows’ behind the presenters, some very Baroque graphics and studio details, it’s certainly, uhh, distinctive.

Plenty of viewers love the Red Russian look.

Then there’s this fantastic description from journalist Paul McMillan.

We think that’s a good thing?

The whole backdrop even transforms into a widescreen view of whichever stadium the action is coming from, which is undeniably impressive.

However, the Russian oligarch love nest look isn’t convincing everyone…


Either way, if ITV wanted to announce itself on the world stage, it’s certainly succeeded.