Thierry Henry to make Sky Sports debut in Manchester City v Arsenal

The King has returned – but can his touch screen skills match his striker's touch?

Sky Sport’s record signing is set to make his debut this Sunday as Manchester City play Arsenal.


Yes, Thierry Henry, will be on air from 12.30pm for Sky Sports Super Sunday, including at 3:30pm this afternoon when his beloved Gooners take on the league champions.

The former Arsenal striker announced his retirement from football in December, saying, “It’s hard to leave the game you love behind.” But presumably getting paid millions to watch it for a living will soften the blow slightly.

Sky Sports will be hoping he brings as much “va-va-voom” to their coverage as he did to a certain car manufacturer back in the day.

This first game will be quite the test. Henry is likely to have even more accusations of bias thrown at him than ‘Red Nev’ Gary Neville did when he first started analysing for Sky.

“You never leave Arsenal Football Club,” he said on the same day he announced his retirement. How hard will it be for him to give an honest view about manager Arsene Wenger’s future, especially with fan sites sharing moments like this in every tweet?

Then there is that billboard, putting him front and centre in Sky’s roster, pushing even the touch screen master Neville to the sidelines. He was certainly a breath of fresh air alongside BBC’s staid World Cup lineup of Alan Shearer and Robbie Savage this summer, but Sky Sports comes with a whole different set of expectations and egos.

One thing is for certain: his wardrobe won’t be causing quite as much of a stir as it did during the World Cup. Twitter was far more obsessed with Henry’s choice of cardigan than any of his pertinent punditry points, but this Sunday afternoon he will, like all Sky talent, be impeccably suited and booted.


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