Premier League coronavirus updates: Latest news as football shuts down

All the latest news and updates as the Premier League is postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak

Premier League ball

The Premier League season has ground to a halt following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.


Matches have been postponed and the top flight will shut down temporarily to avoid provoking the spread of COVID-19. will bring you all of the latest updates and issues that have been caused by the pause, including answers over when we can expect the Premier League to return.

When will the Premier League return?

A statement by Premier League officials states that all professional football in the UK has been postponed until the weekend of 30th April.

However, that date could be pushed back, depending on how the virus progresses in the next few weeks.

This comes against the backdrop of Euro 2020, scheduled to take place in June across Europe, being pushed back to 2021.

And the Premier League is not alone, with postponements announced for The Championship, League 1 and League 2 in English football, as well as the Champions League and Europa League taking a break.

Could the Premier League season be cancelled?

In theory, the Premier League could be cancelled entirely with all results null and void, but this remains the nuclear option – one that is unlikely to take place.

With the vast majority of the season played, it would prove to be a highly contentious decision among so many teams – champions-elect Liverpool for starters.

An equally unpopular result would be cancellation and current league positions used as final standings.

Liverpool would officially win the league but Norwich, Aston Villa and Bournemouth would be relegated, and in turn, you could expect a barrage of legal battles to ensue.


Cancellation of the season is of course an option, but one that nobody – teams and officials included – wants.