Today's Google Doodle remembers Paul the Octopus, the creature of the deep who accurately predicted 11 out of 13 2010 World Cup Matches.


But the eight-legged oracle isn't the only animal known for its skills in divination when it comes to the coveted footballing crown - the 2014 competition has seen an influx of fortune tellers from the animal kingdom. Here are the contenders bidding to succeed him...

Cabeção the Turtle

Cabeção has got Brazilians all worked up. Last week at his home in the Brazillian village of Praia do Forte, he predicted the home nation's win over Croatia (adding to his correct prediction in their final friendly against Serbia). But he's got the locals worried ahead of the favourites' clash against Mexico tonight, choosing to eat a fish hovering beneath the Mexican flag and thus fortelling a home defeat.

Shaheen the Camel

Meet Shaheen. The Emirati camel and World Cup soothsayer discovered by Gulf News. He knocks over flags to pick winners and he's got a 4/5 record so far. Unfortunately he was spot on with England.

Nelly the Elephant

Nelly demonstrates her own footballing prowess when it comes to unleashing her psychic powers. The animal oracle kicks a ball into a goal marked with a flag to predict the outcome, boasting an impressive 30 out of 33 record for her solid work predicting tournaments since 2006.

Madame Shiva the Guinea Pig

The fabulously-named Madame Shiva also puts her best foot forward to make her predictions. The 20-month-old guinea pig runs up and down a mini football pitch, using her droppings to lay her faith in the winning team.

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