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Mark Wahlberg struggles with Premier League team names as he predicts the weekend's football scores

The Transformers actor gives his forecast of the 'Waterford' and 'Fullman' games

Published: Friday, 14th September 2018 at 10:53 am

It’s the Premier League clash we’ve all been waiting for: the giants of Bourne-mouth versus the unstoppable Lei-cest-er Square. And that’s before we even get onto the game featuring Fullman. Or Waterford.


This is the brilliantly muddled world of English football according to Transformers actor Mark Wahlberg, who recently predicted the outcomes of this weekend’s games for BBC Match of the Day. And by his own admission, he doesn’t know an awful lot about the players or 'soccer' teams (probably about as much as we know about American football).

But Wahlberg still appears to be a footie fan, having posted videos of himself watching this year’s World Cup on Instagram and even wearing a Tottenham shirt while denouncing ‘The Arsenal’ during a 2016 visit to White Hart Lane.


So, with Wahlberg’s expert football credentials now clearly on display, here are his predictions of the weekend’s action…


Tottenham v Liverpool3-1
Bournemouth v Leicester0-1
Chelsea v Cardiff1-2
Huddersfield v Crystal Palace2-1
Man City v Fulham2-0
Newcastle v Arsenal0-3
Watford v Man Utd1-2


Wolves v Burnley5-0
Everton v West Ham0-1


Southampton v Brighton4-2

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