Football pundit Jermaine Jenas soaked by sprinkler during England women’s Euro 2017 match

Channel 4 presenter Samantha Quek has suggested Clare Balding was behind it


The England women’s football team progressed to the quarter finals of Euro 2017 last night, and everyone there had a great time – apart from Spurs midfielder turned TV presenter Jermaine Jenas.


The star was playing pundit on the pitch before the match when he strayed into the firing line of a sprinkler, which soaked him on live TV.

His Channel 4 colleagues, former teammates and fans on Twitter rather enjoyed it.

After many years of pre and post-match punditry, you’d think pros such as Clare Balding would have worked out how to avoid sprinkler soakage. This has led to Jenas’s colleague, Olympic hockey gold medal winner and presenter Samantha Quek, to speculate that it may be an inside job:

Sprinklers have a history of terrorising football pundits. Just look at the fear in Gary Neville’s eyes when he comes within spitting distance of one:


Not to mention Adrian Chiles and the rest of the ITV team during the 2014 World Cup.