Presenters v sprinklers: Adrian Chiles and the sports hosts who got soaked

The ITV team at the Switzerland v England game aren't the first to get a pitchside drenching before matches

This is the moment Adrian Chiles and the ITV team got a soaking from a pitch sprinkler.


The ITV pundits were pitchside during the buildup to the Switzerland v England Euro 2016 qualifier when a wave of water drenched them live on air.

Gabby Logan’s Radio 5 Live tennis coverage was undone by efficient Wimbledon watering in 2007; in the end the team had to put picnic benches over the jets to keep the water away from the equipment.

Wimbledon’s ground staff clearly enjoy giving presenters a good watering: journalist Harry Smith proved his professionalism during a live report from the tennis club on STV.

And even the hard men of rugby league don’t react well to a sprinkler soaking. Here’s Widnes Viking’s Kevin Brown getting caught out during an interview with Sky Sports’s Graham Beecroft.

Perhaps this whole pitchside reporting thing is a bad idea?