The wait is almost over and Euro 2020 is finally about to kick off – even if the year in the name is no longer accurate!


Euro 2020 fixtures are ready to kick off and pre-tournament hype has hit maximum, leading to plenty of questions over whether you can still get a ticket to watch one of the matches in person.

Well, currently, yes you can! But the games with tickets left are few and far between with even those ones selling fast – so don't hang about.

Can you still get tickets to Euro 2020?

According to the official UEFA site, you can indeed still get tickets to the competition but there aren't many left – and there are only a few matches with seats still available.

Below is what is available right now at the time of writing, but this will likely change fairly quickly so if any of the below games are of interest to you and you can make the trip, you are going to want to snap tickets up while you can.

If you're not able to attend in person, check out our guide to how to watch Euro 2020 on TV.

Budapest tickets still available

  • Match 11: Hungary v Portugal on 15th June
  • Match 23: Hungary v France on 19th June
  • Match 35: Portugal v France on 23rd June
  • Match 40: 1C v 3D/E/F on 27th June

Seville tickets still available

  • Match 9: Spain v Sweden on 14th June
  • Match 22: Spain v Poland on 19th June
  • Match 33: Slovakia v Spain on 23rd June
  • Match 39: 1B v 3A/D/E/F on 27th June

St. Petersberg tickets still available

  • Match 10: Poland v Slovakia on 14th June
  • Match 21: Sweden v Slovakia on 18th June
  • Match 34: Sweden v Poland on 23rd June

It is worth mentioning that just because tickets are available, it does not guarantee you will actually be able to travel there. Travel restrictions are constantly changing with France, for example, now requiring UK visitors to quarantine, so make sure you research thoroughly before purchasing.

For the majority of us, we'll be watching from our homes or from the nearest pub and we are already counting down the days, or minutes, let's be honest until we can crack open a cold one and start enjoying the games!

Why are Euro 2020 tickets being refunded at a worse rate?

The exchange rate is the root of the problem here. Fans in the UK who had tickets for some games and had paid in Euros back when they went on sale in 2019.

Now they are being refunded in pounds and the exchange rate between the two currencies has taken a big knock since then, hence the smaller amount returned.

Knowing the reason does not help those who have been hit by this, but at least there is a reason.

For the full breakdown of what games are coming up check out our Euro 2020 fixtures on TV guide.


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