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Deadline day Sky Sports presenter in hilarious live blooper as he's splashed by Crystal Palace player's car

During deadline day, Sky reporter Michael Bridge found himself on the receiving end of a big puddle splash, caused by Patrick van Aanholt's 4x4

Sky News football car splash blooper - Michael Bridge
Published: Thursday, 9th August 2018 at 3:15 pm

Journalist Michael Bridge was reporting on transfer deadline day outside Crystal Palace's grounds, commenting on which players were looking likely – and unlikely – to switch clubs ahead of the upcoming season.

During the report, the Sky reporter suddenly exclaims with an "oh my God, I've just been splashed! That's live TV for you..."

That looked like it might be the end of it, but the man behind the wheel of the 4x4 was clearly feeling a bit sheepish after realising what he'd done. And that man was Crystal Palace's Patrick van Aanholt.

Taking to Twitter, he said:

To which Bridge didn't take long to reply...

And, clearly still feeling a little guilty about the incident, Aanholt replied with this very kind offer...


Wednesday's rain might have brought the summer heatwave to an end, but it was worth it for this TV gem.


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