Richie Benaud urges sun protection as he reveals he is being treated for skin cancer

The legendary cricket broadcaster and captain warns people to protect themselves from harmful rays during the Australian summer

Celebrated Australian cricket commentator Richie Benaud has revealed he is being treated for skin cancer.


The 84-year-old former captain of Australia said he is undergoing radiation treatment, and urged people to protect themselves from the sun as the Australian summer begins.

He said he is receiving treatment on his forehead and the top of his head, and added that he wished he had worn a cap when he was younger.

“I’m coping with it very well – the doctors are pleased,” Benaud said. “I’m going along slowly. The cancers need to be treated.”

Benaud retired from playing in 1964, but has since become a much-loved cricket broadcaster. He was awarded an OBE for his contribution to the game in 1962.

“I recommend to everyone they wear protection on their heads. Eighty-four-year olds don’t seem to mend as well as they used to,” Benaud said.

“When I was a kid, we never ever wore a cap. I wish I had. You live and learn as you go along.”

Benaud was a cricket commentator for British television until the 2005 Ashes series, but he still works with Australian broadcaster Channel Nine.


He said he would return to commentary duties on 3rd January in Sydney, for Australia’s fourth Test against India. He has been recovering from injuries sustained in a car crash late last year.