Bea Nilsson (played by Bonnie Anderson) has slowly been trying to forgive her ex-fiance Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) for all the twisted stuff he did in the past in Neighbours. However, Bea's boyfriend Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is still angry Finn avoided a prison sentence for his crimes and is now living under the same roof as Bea at Number 28 Ramsay Street.


Ned is prepared to do what ever it takes to send Finn packing from Erinsborough. However, on Monday 13 May, Ned's actions accidentally leave Bea fighting for her life after a SHOCK poison gas attack at the public launch of the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation... caught-up with Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson during her recent trip to the UK to find out what's in store and if this could be the end for Bea and Ned...

Do you believe Bea is still attracted to Finn?

"She's still quite guarded with him. But slowly she feels more comfortable with him. She likes having Finn around as she wants to be the one to catch him out if anything goes wrong. Keep your enemies close. That is in the back of her mind, for sure."

Finn has definitely been the cause of trouble between Bea and Finn!

"Bea loves Ned and their friendship is so strong. But Ned can be quite controlling and a bit bossy, and Bea has already been in a very controlling relationship when she was with Finn/Patrick. So Ned starts to get on Bea's nerves and she wants him to back off - she can look after herself and he needs to stick by her as a partner. But Ned's defensive mechanism takes over, he just wants Finn to be nowhere near his girlfriend."

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Other people including Bea's aunt Susan have forgiven Finn. But not Ned?

"That was huge for Bea, when Susan forgave Finn. She really looks up to her. If Susan thinks it's OK, Bea will give it a go too. But Ned continues to be disrepectful to the family, aggressive and barging in. It's taken a toll on their relationship. It's not all midnight walks anymore!"

What about this SHOCK poison gas attack, on the day of Toadie's launch for the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation?

"Everyone's at the Community Centre. Suddenly people start feeling ill, vomiting, passing out. Bea gets caught up in it all and passes out. Someone has left canisters of poison gas in the air vents..."

Neighbours, Bea Nilsson, Mark Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi
It's not looking good for Bea...(Picture: Channel 5)


"It was the hardest thing to do. I had to have an anxiety attack and have convulsions. I was terrified to film it. It's all about doing things with your body you wouldn't normally do. There was no vanity!"

There's a SHOCK in store when it is revealed Ned is somehow involved...

"Ned doesn’t mean for anyone to get hurt, but he wasn’t going to stop it and wanted Finn gone. Ned is emotional, does things out of love and doesn't always think it through.

How does Bea react to Ned's heartfelt confession?

"Ned confesses at Bea's hospital bedside, thinking she’s unconscious... but she can actually hear him! It's a really sad moment and she hears everything. But Ned leaves and he doesn’t realise. Bea plays dead but she's really thinking, ‘What the heck just happened?!’"

Neighbours, Ned Willis
Ned is horrified when he sees what's happened at the Community Centre... (Picture: Channel 5)

So could this be the end for Bea and Ned?

"We never know what the future holds...! But I certainly woudn't stay with my boyfriend if he did that to me, it's too dangerous. Bea doesn't not love Ned and understands where he’s coming from. We all make mistakes, but he could’ve really hurt her and her family. It’s just not on. There is too much anger at the moment and nothing positive. So a break would be sensible...

If Bea and Ned break-up, does this mean the coast is clear for Finn to make a move?

"Well, there is certainly history. Kind of fake history! It would be crazy to watch that happen. We'll have to wait and see!"


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